Wooden Kentucky Shape Cutout


Wooden Kentucky state shape cutouts for crafting projects such as magnets, pins and chalkboards. Show your Kentucky state pride with these cutouts!



Perfect for decorating your game room, kitchen or just about anywhere in your home. Showing your Kentucky state pride is easy with with these wooden cutouts. The small wooden Kentucky shape is ideal for wreaths and the larger ones are ideal for decorating.

Looking for some ideas to decorate your unfinished wood Kentucky shape? We have a few ideas to help you along your way!

If you are looking for a unique quest book for your wedding, the 18 inch or larger would be perfect. Then after the wedding, the Kentucky craft shape can be hung on the wall for years to come. We suggest painting this a lighter color and using markers for guests to sign. If you want to keep the natural wood, you will need to seal the wood with Mod Podge or clear paint. The wood may bleed when a marker is used on it and ruin the piece.

Another idea is to add a monogram or wooden letter to the front of the wooden Kentucky shape. Paint the state shape in a chevron or quatrefoil pattern for a timeless design in your favorite colors! The pattern can be easily done with a stencil, some paint and a letter in the size to fit your shape.

We cut these wooden Kentucky cutouts in more thicknesses and sizes than just about anyone else! The 1/8″ thick shapes are laser cut and the thicker materials are CNC cut.

  • Thickness is approximate
  • Indoor use only is recommended
  • Sanded to 120 grit on the front and back

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