Wooden Turkey Cutout


Gobble gobble! This wood turkey shape is perfect for your fall crafting projects! Perfect for wreathes, walls and more! We cut these turkey shapes when your order.



This wooden turkey cutout is ideal for Thanksgiving decorations or for your kitchen, craft or any other room. We offer these gobblers from 1 inch to 36 inch in 5 different thicknesses.

The thinner 1/8″ material is laser cut and leaves a darkened edge. This is perfect for a rustic look or it covers pretty easily with some quality paint. The large turkey cutouts are perfect for hanging on your front door to show visitors how much you love Thanksgiving!

Baltic birch plywood is easy to finish compared to regular plywood. It is virtually void free and is very stable and durable.

  • Thickness is approximate
  • Indoor use only recommended
  • Sanded front and back
  • May need some sanding

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